Get In The Van(s)

Too cool for school

Vans are maybe not on your fashion radar, after all they’re for school kids right? Wrong. I keep seeing people of all ages wearing Vans and have decided to splurge out and treat myself to a pair. So I’ve done some research and visited a high street footwear retailer at the weekend. I was really impressed by the variety of designs. The store assistant explained to me that from teenage kids to the middle aged woman, Vans have a great range of styles that match every personality and charisma.

Need some more info? Vans are legendary shoes which were brought to us from California. Founded in the sixties, Vans traditionally are favourite amongst skateboarders but now they are renowned as a mainstream sportswear brand. As of August 2014, the brand is active in the action sports industry and sponsors skateboard, surf, snow, BMX and motocross teams.

Where do you start in seeking your own pair of vans? Well they come in nearly every colour of the rainbow so prepare to give yourself a good solid 10 minutes trying to debate with yourself which colour to choose. They are all lace-up, slip-on or some styles have velcro straps for some extra support. The latest collections have high-top styles which are right on trend just now as well as some wacky gingham designs or floral patterns.

I’m leaning towards these traditional ones – this skate style features a black suede and black canvas, making wearing trainers more of a fashion statement. Their lace detailing and cushioned collar adds extra comfort and support whilst maintaining their fashion forward edge. And whats more, if you’re like me and have trouble with sizing, Vans are one of the few brands who offer half sizes – yey! Overall I found them very reasonably priced, comfortable, stylish and they fit perfectly.

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